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Discover authentic Africa in beautiful Zambia

Zambia - Luxury Villas

Zambia is a destination which attracts adventurous travellers in search of wilderness. Animal lovers and photographers are spoilt. Many day or night safaris, walking or jeep safaris are on offer to have the chance to watch elephants, lions, hippos, giraffes, buffalos, zebras, rare birds and more.

It has a tropical climate with high temperatures and humidity the whole year round.

Located between eight African countries, Zambia is crossed by a few rivers: The Kafue River, the Congo River and the Luangwa River; a canoe ride along one of them is an incredible experience.

  • South Luangwa National Park: 60 different species of mammal and more than 400 species of birds occupy the park
  • Kafue National Park: the largest park in the country and the second largest in Africa. The Zambezian flooded grasslands is the highlight where visitors can catch a glimpse of antelopes, lion and leopard
  • Lower Zambezi National Park: This park on the banks of the Zambezi River is great to see woodlands and savannah 
  • Victoria Falls: largest water fall in the world and a UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • A safari in a National Park
  • Adventure sports & activities: paragliding, abseiling, bungee jumping, rafting or canoeing
  • A helicopter ride over the falls
  • A colourful traditional ceremony
  • The Ku'omboka: the celebration of the annual move of the Lozi king from his summer palace in Lealui to his winter one in Limulonga on large decorated barges
  • The local food: A maize meal, a fish or a chicken dish, fried and crunchy catepillars, or a kapenta - a tiny fish caught in Lake Kariba, fried and eaten whole
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Chongwe River House

Chongwe River House

  • Africa, Zambia
  • Guest up to 8
  • From 43,400 USD
Norman Carr Safari Camp

Norman Carr Safari Camp

  • Africa, Zambia
  • Guest up to 15
  • From 16,100 USD