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Luxury Villas in The Pearl Cays

A luxury villa holiday in the Pearl Cays of Nicaragua promises encounters with Caribbean manatees and unrivalled pampering on your own private island.

Luxury Villas in The Pearl Cays

The Pearl Cays are a cluster of small islands and jungle-tufted rocks that spread through the Caribbean just off the coast of Nicaragua. They’re strewn across 12 miles of sea and are woven together by sandbanks, seagrass meadows, and patches of coral and rock reef. It’s a Robinson Crusoe world primarily famed for two things: Diving and luxury holidaying on private islands.

The vibrant coral reefs surrounding the cays are a haven for those who love exploring underwater worlds. They play host to a veritable kaleidoscope of marine life – sightings of bottlenose dolphins, filter-feeding manta rays, sea otters, and even endangered Caribbean manatees aren’t uncommon!

Moreover, the local beaches are known nesting grounds for rare hawksbill sea turtles, which can be spotted clambering up the sands to lay their eggs between May and November each year.

Scuba outfitters abound in these parts. They’re ready and waiting to take you on an adventure to meet the stonefish and the brain corals, the sponges and the seahorses in abundance around the shores. There are also big-game fishing operators that run trips to chase barracuda and red snapper further out.

When it comes to luxury villa rentals in the Pearl Cays, it’s all about private island stays. The villas of this sun-kissed region of Nicaragua occupy their own rocks in the sea, with the stunning Calala Island a prime example.

You’ll fling open the doors in the morning and be greeted by runs of wispy white sand that are 100% exclusive to you and whoever you choose to bring with you. The villas themselves meld seamlessly with the tropical surroundings, offering open-air spa facilities on the beach and infinity pools just metres from the shoreline.

And if you tire of your private beach, there are oodles more in the vicinity. Hop on a yacht and sail across to the Isla Crowl, where palm forests sway beside lagoons of sky-blue water. Or head a little further, down to the Isla Baboon, which has rickety coconut shacks fronting its paradise beaches.

A luxury villa holiday in the Pearl Cays of Nicaragua will be the Caribbean escape of a lifetime!

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  • Private beaches on Calala Island
  • Critically-endangered hawksbill sea turtles nesting on the islands
  • Dolphins, rays, manatees and otters in the surrounding waters


  • Walk the palm forests on the Isla Wild Cane Cay
  • Snorkel and dive in crystal clear waters
  • Enjoy traditional fishing with the locals
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Calala Island

Pearl Cays, Caribbean, Americas

Bedrooms: 5, Guests: 10
From 140,000 USD per week, to price on request

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