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Luxury Villas on Diaporos Island

Relax on one of the most exclusive holiday isles in Greece with our selection of luxury beach villas on stunning Diaporos Island, just off the coast of Halkidiki.

Luxury Villas on Diaporos Island

It may be less than two square miles in all, but the butterfly-shaped Diaporos Island could be the exclusive destination in Greece you’ve been searching for. Fragmenting off the side of the middle peninsula of the gorgeous Halkidiki headland in the north of the country, it’s washed on all sides by the bath-warm Singitic Gulf. Beaches – hidden, secluded, empty – fringe and curve elegantly up the western and eastern shores. The bays – enfolded by seas of coastal scrub and twisted olive trees – are dotted with enticing villas that ooze luxury and class.

Uninhabited until the 1950s, Diaporos Island was soon discovered by discerning beach lovers. It remains all about the coastline here, which unfolds in a montage of spectacular sands and coves. Among them is Kryfto Bay, a lagoon-like inlet in the north, which is home to endless secret snorkelling spots, sunbathing alcoves, and places to drop anchor on the yacht. There’s also Myrsini Beach, also known as White Beach or Hawaii due to its glinting white stone and vibrant blue waters. And then there’s Koumaroudes Beach, which faces back towards the mainland to give some of the calmest swimming conditions around.

A trip up to the famous Blue Lagoon on the northeastern haunch of the island is a must. Not technically a lagoon, it’s a 300-metre-wide strait patched with clusters of coral reefs and seagrass. Moor up the catamaran, dive off the side and get ready to mingle with the parrotfish and sea turtles in the shallow waters below.

A trip to one of our curated luxury villas on Diaporos Island isn’t like a trip to any of the other Greek islands. It’s about slowing down the pace, escaping the crowds, and reconnecting with nature. Expect spacious pads that spill out onto sprawling pool areas and tumble down to short runs of private beachfront, some with their own boat docks and jetties. Others have Jacuzzis and indoor-outdoor cooking spaces for those long Greek lunches spent together.

With beautiful Halkidiki on the mainland a short boat ride away, a luxury villa holiday on Diaporos Island offers plenty of opportunity for both exploration and relaxation.

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  • The glistening white sands of Myrsini Beach
  • A vibrant underwater world at the Blue Lagoon
  • Pretty towns in mainland Halkidiki


  • Go sailing and snorkelling in beautiful Kryfto Bay
  • Dive off the side of your private yacht at the glistening Blue Lagoon
  • Enjoy total seclusion on an almost uninhabited island
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Villa White - Diaporos

Diaporos Island, Halkidiki, Greece, Europe

Bedrooms: 10, Guests: 20
From 23,100 to 51,450 EUR per week


Villa Lagoon

Diaporos Island, Halkidiki, Greece, Europe

Bedrooms: 3, Guests: 6
From 17,500 to 31,500 EUR per week


Villa Treasure Cove

Diaporos Island, Halkidiki, Greece, Europe

Bedrooms: 4, Guests: 8
From 14,000 to 28,000 EUR per week

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