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French Polynesia, a Dreamed Reality in the South Pacific

French Polynesia

French Polynesia is a paradise of 118 islands in the South Pacific Ocean.

This tropical destination, half way between California and Australia, is an oversea country of France which has attracted many explorers. Bougainville, a French admiral, described it as a paradise on earth. It is not surprising that James Cook travelled to see this wonderful land and it very easy to understand why the famous French painter Gauguin got inspired by the amazing landscapes and women of these lands.
Visitors go through diverse sceneries such as blue lagoons, gorgeous valleys crossed by rivers and waterfalls, leafy crests leading to incredible summits, white sanded hidden creeks and much more.

The best period to visit these enchanting archipelagos is between April and October, during the dry season, the Austral winter. The summer, from November to April, is very warm and humid.

The Society Islands, encircled by coral reefs and lagoons, are the less densely populated islands and the most beautiful. Bora Bora, Huahine, Maupiti, Raiatea, Moorea and Tahiti are truly picturesque and unrealistic. Tahiti is the largest island and also the most popular.

Polynesian people are very welcoming, warm and generous. Visitors fall in love with locals’ smiles and the peaceful way of life, the motto of the islands be ‘aita pea pea’ meaning ‘not to worry’.


  • Tahiti: The volcanic black sand beach of taiarapu, the capital Papeete, the Gauguin museum in Mataiea, the botanical garden
  • The dramatic hilly landscapes of Moorea
  • The sacred island of Raiatea and Taputapuatea, the largest marae of Polynesia which used to be the central religious center of the region.
  • The lagoon of Tahaa, the vanilla island
  • Bora Bora, a tropical heaven with its idyllic turquoise and green lagoon, the exotic Mount Otemanu, lush slopes and hibiscus in the valleys
  • The Tuamotu Islands, the wildlife of the Marquesas Islands, The Gambier Islands & the Austral Islands, off-the-beaten track, are also worth a visit.
  • The best way to experience the most beautiful islands of the world is simply to ‘let it go’. Forget everything and make the most of your time admiring the marvellous nature and enjoying the kindness of the locals and their culture.
  • The typical and relaxed atmosphere of French Polynesia is striking and makes holiday-makers forget the stress of the everyday life.
  • This once in a lifetime destination is perfect for honeymoons and romantic breaks.
  • French Polynesia is definitely one of the best places on earth for diving, snorkelling and water sports. You will find many different lagoon excursions: fishing, paddle boarding, jet skiing, kitesurfing and for the most adventurous ray and shark feeding.
  • The views for the sky are just incredible. We highly advise our clients to tour the islands by helicopter or to try parasailing or skydiving. 
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Villa Bora Bora One

Villa Bora Bora One

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