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A Mediterranean Paradise

Luxury villas in Diaporos

Diaporos is part of the second of the three peninsulas of Greece’s Halkidiki, in the north Aegean Sea.

Lying opposite Vourvourou, the island features a large natural bay with crystal-clear warm waters perfect for swimming or snorkelling in. Due to its sheltered location, the bay is also used as a mooring point for boats.

Much of the island is covered by pine forest, creating a unique fusion of coastal and forest landscapes.

Watch a video exploring the island of Diaporos and its villas here.

  • Stunning coastlines
  • Lush, Mediterranean forests
  • Sunrise over the peak of Mount Athos
  • Swim and snorkel in crystal-clear warm waters
  • Take a relaxing yacht cruise to Mount Athos
  • Visit the harbour village of Ormos Panagias for the island’s freshest seafood
  • Explore the traditional region of Vourvourou
  • Island hop throughout the cluster of islands of Drenia or Gaidouronisia
3 Properties Found
Villa White - Diaporos

Villa White - Diaporos

  • Greece, Greek Islands, Diaporos
  • Guest up to 20
  • From 23,100 EUR
Villa Lagoon

Villa Lagoon

  • Greece, Greek Islands, Diaporos
  • Guest up to 6
  • From 17,500 EUR
Villa Treasure Cove

Villa Treasure Cove

  • Greece, Greek Islands, Diaporos
  • Guest up to 8
  • From 14,000 EUR