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Versilia's Jewel Forte dei Marmi, the perfect spot to experience “La Dolce Vita”

Luxury villas in Forte dei Marmi

Versilia has been a popular European seaside destinations among the rich and famous for many decades. Both the Tuscan Riviera and the whole of the Tyrrhenian area are very pretty and attract jet-setters.

Forte dei Marmi is a town crucial to Versilia’s popularity. This is an area which is arguably the most famous among all chic, Italian sea locations. Guests who are looking for the best of the best in Italy are sure to  find it in Forte dei Marmi. Every European noble, a number of diplomats, businessmen, artists and V.I.Ps have a beautiful villa protected by the greenery of the local pinewoods. Undoubtedly, they also choose the area for its sandy beaches, the relaxed but still chic atmosphere and for old-fashioned fun. The nightlife, the scents of the sea and people all around are inspirations to live “La Dolce Vita,” the sweet life.

Times have changed dramatically since Agnelli walked the beach-town streets of Forte dei Marmi but people like him will never cease to take a stroll on the beaches of a Versilian town like this.

  • Forte dei Marmi beaches
  • International Political Satire Festival
  • The night life
  • A cocktail at La Capannina during the sunset
  • Great sea food at Bistrot restaurant
2 Properties Found
Palazzo La Datcha Forte dei Marmi

Palazzo La Datcha Forte dei Marmi

  • Italy, Tuscany, Forte dei Marmi
  • Guest up to 20
  • From 69,000 EUR
Villa Trilogy

Villa Trilogy

  • Italy, Tuscany, Forte dei Marmi
  • Guest up to 10
  • Price on request