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With the holiday season fast approaching, it is hard not to think of beautifully decorated tables, resplendent with shiny silverware and laden with delicacies. Throughout the world, most cultures like to celebrate holidays with unique traditions and special recipes handed down generation by generation, rich with taste and memories.

Christmas holiday's traditions

Holy Deer San Lorenzo City Lodge

  • Italy, Rome
  • Guest up to 4

The splendid baroque church in Piazza Navona is the incomparable location of this phenomenal apartment. Its history is without equal: from the ashes of the apartment built for Pope innocent X (by request of his alleged mistress, Donna Olimpia) has risen the exquisite phoenix of Italian art, style and design. The restoration work is a masterpiece of craftsmanship, where no expense has been spared to breathe life to a new renaissance in design and interior decoration. This is just a minute preview of Holy Deer, this spectacular new property has incredible views overlooking the square, where Romans gather to celebrate and conclude their holiday season with the traditional “Befana Romana"; eating candy apples and sugar charcoal. Please click here to enjoy a taste of this outstanding apartment.
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Chalet Perla - LV 02

  • Italy, Dolomites, Cortina
  • Guest up to 12

The region of Cortina d’Ampezzo is the birthplace of one of the most traditional Italian Christmas cakes, Pandoro, which literally means “golden bread”. Only eaten in holiday season, this delicious sweet sponge is best eaten warm, perhaps sitting by a cosy fireplace. No need to worry about the extra calories though: in the stunning chalet Perla in Cortina guests will find a pool, a private fitness area and a spa (not to mention the km of slopes outsides, some of the best in the Dolomites) to burn off the excess sugar…and start again! This luxurious property is located in Cortina’s best area, and offers eight perfectly appointed bedrooms, sophisticated interiors, stunning views and plenty of entertainment built in, like a soundproof cinema room and a games room, perfect to keep the whole family entertained.
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The Grosvenor Penthouse Suite

  • United Kingdom, London
  • Guest up to 10

London at Christmas-time is nothing short of magical. The city is a whirlwind of beautiful lights shining on the streets, warm, inviting shop windows, carollers singing at almost every corner and dressed-up party goers. From the stuffed turkey to Christmas pudding with brandy sauce, from the glittering Christmas trees to Dickens’ Christmas Carol, a lot of the way we celebrate Christmas today dates back to Queen Victoria and was first established in England. Why not, then, celebrate a traditional Christmas in its birthplace? The Grosvenor Penthouse suite offers 5 luxurious bedrooms, a private lift, a private butler, an extremely elegant living and dining room and an unparalleled location on Park Lane, with a private terrace with wonderful views over Hyde Park: an ideal position to enjoy the marvellous fireworks display on New Year’s Eve.
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The West Wing Penthouse

  • United States, Colorado, Beaver Creek
  • Guest up to 8

There are very few places in the world that do Christmas like the United States of America, and very few places within the United States where you can feel the Christmas atmosphere like in Colorado. Beaver Creek, in particular, is a fairy-tale town; where snow-covered fir trees are decorated in glittering lights and the main square that seems to have sprung from a children’s book. With its massive stone fireplace, wooden floors, a vaulted ceiling and a marvellous Steinway piano, the beautiful West Wing Penthouse (part of the Ritz-Carlton) is the cosiest yet most luxurious place you can find yourself in for the Christmas season. The other wonderful features of this stunning properties are the wine cellar and, of course, the fully equipped, Chef-style kitchen, where up to ten guests can sit down to enjoy the most traditional of Christmas meals: a roast turkey, American style.
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Villa La Tosca

  • France, Bordeaux
  • Guest up to 15

A great Christmas table cannot overlook one very important element: wine. And where better to improve your sommelier abilities and enjoy great wines than in the Bordeaux region of France? Nestled between the Atlantic shore and pine trees, and just 30 minutes’ away from the world-famous vineyards of Bordeaux, Villa La Tosca is an elegant residence, full of old-time charm. There are several fireplaces dotted around the house, including some in the bedrooms that will instantly provide warmth and comfort, and a vast library to get lost in whilst listening to the waves on the beach just outside. The area is blessed with eight Michelin star restaurants and, unsurprisingly, once your delightful meal has come to an end, you can head back to the Villa to sample its most traditional amenity: a wine cellar.
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