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Astronomical events have been an infinite source of wonder, fascination and romance since the dawn of times. My Private Villas is offering you a selection of villas that will allow you to enjoy skies full of stars, romantic moonlit dinners and unforgettable parties that will last all night.

Dancing in the moonlight

Leobo Private Reserve

  • Africa, South Africa, Safari Areas
  • Guest up to 29

The infinite sky of the South African bush and your own private, research grade observatory with four luxurious en-suite bedrooms, a magical tower- shaped library and a 20 - inch telescope: this is only a part of the unique experience available at Leobo Private Reserve, a 20.000-acre estate in Waterberg Mountain. With an extra 8 cottages, this vast property is ideal for guests looking for a luxurious and exciting holiday in touch with the nature, either exploring the starry sky or the surrounding wilderness.
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Villa Fah Sai Samsara

  • Asia Pacific, Thailand, Phuket
  • Guest up to 10

Full moon parties in Thailand are now the stuff of legends – people flock there from all over the world to experience the beautiful Thai beaches turned into open air night club, the different types of music and the exciting atmosphere of these all-night events. For more sedate travellers though, a luxury villa where to retire after such an experience is definitely a must! Villa Fah Sai Samsara in Phuket is a stunning 5 - bedroom property only 10 minutes’ drive from Phuket, with wonderful sea views, and a great pool area where to keep the party going.
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Villa Blue Bay

  • Spain, Balearic Islands, Ibiza
  • Guest up to 16

If you are looking for the ultimate romantic dinner, head to Ibiza, where the full moon is expected to create the dreamiest atmosphere for couples looking to enjoy a meal with a truly special lighting. Villa Blue Bay is the ideal property, as the villa offers a dining platform surrounded by the sea – an absolutely unbeatable location for a dinner to remember! The amenities of the Villa don’t end here: with two pools, a hot tub, a tennis court, a 3-holes golf course and private access to the bay, this is one of the most stunning properties on the island.
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Louiza Estate

  • Greece
  • Guest up to 18

The 16th of July of this year, exactly 50 years after the first moon landing, there will be a partial moon eclipse visible from most of Europe and South America. To enjoy this spectacular phenomenon on such a remarkable date, head of to the beautiful Louiza Estate, a luxury property in Peloponnese, with two pools, tennis and basketball court, a heliport, horseback riding area and, most importantly, private access to an idyllic beach and expansive grounds from which the night sky will seem a little bit closer.
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Castello di Procopio

  • Italy, Umbria
  • Guest up to 16

TThe Perseids meteor shower is known in Italy as the “Notte di San Lorenzo”, when millions of people spend the night of August 10th looking at the sky and trying to spot shooting stars. To experience it like the locals, we suggest a stay in the 12th century Castello di Procopio in beautiful Umbra, which has been renovated to offer luxury and comfort as well as a true immersion in history. From Its large terrace, with the romantic views over the Tiber valley and the towns of Perugia and Assisi, you will soon realise that there is no better place to wish upon a star.
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Backstage Luxury Loft Chalet

  • Switzerland, Swiss Alps, Zermatt
  • Guest up to 10

Zermatt is one of the world’s most attractive vacation spots, graced not only by the stunning Matterhorn but also spectacular viewpoints like the Gornegrat observatory. With air so clear, the imposing mountain chains as well as the stars at night are undoubtedly one of the most unforgettable experiences available in the Swiss alps. To enjoy all this, the beautiful Backstage Luxury Chalet is the ideal place for a holiday, offering with cutting edge design, a full staff, plenty of amenities and floor to ceiling windows that let the gorgeous outside in.
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