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With the world’s attention focussed on climate change these days, an increasing demand from environmentally-conscious travellers has meant that a lot of properties are approaching building and energy consumption in a new, eco-friendly way.

Here is our selection of villas that focus on being kind to the planet, as well as their guests.

Friends with Nature

Residence 4 at Six Senses Zil Pasyon

  • Seychelles, Seychelles Islands
  • Guest up to 8

Seychelles is considered a paradise on earth. It is with this in mind that the Six Senses villa has a strong sustainability system in place that is focussed not only on habitat preservation but also on restoration. Solar energy is harvested for use across the island, the grey waters are recycled for irrigation, and the air conditioning is guaranteed low-impact. This 4-bedroom villa also boasts natural architecture; it seems to spring from the island rocks to offer its guests unforgettable views, plenty of amenities, and an amazing 5-star service.
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Over Yonder Cay Private Island

  • Caribbean, Bahamas
  • Guest up to 28

A private island is luxury at its finest, but Over Yonder Cay offers much more than this with its true commitment to preserving nature. Wind and solar power, together with a battery storage system, provide an average of 96% of the energy needed to run the property. Excess energy is used for irrigation and drinking water, greatly reducing waste. All of this is done to help preserve the wonderful natural environment of the Bahamas, at the same time as providing an exceptional experience for truly discerning guests.
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Villa Toro Dorado

  • Costa Rica, Costa Rica
  • Guest up to 25

Villa Toro Dorado is a lot more than a country house… Immersed in 1000 hectares of flourishing private rainforest , this villa is ideal for guests looking for a secluded retreat. Built in natural materials such as local Guanacaste wood, the 12-bedroom property has its own fruit and vegetable garden, as well as a hen-house with free-roaming chickens. However, it also features all of the amenities of a resort, including a tennis court, infinity pool, and cigar room, to offer an extremely comfortable yet more sustainable luxury experience in one of the most stunning natural environments on earth.
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Villa Etosoto

  • Spain, Balearic Islands, Formentera
  • Guest up to 18

The philosophy of this 9-bedroom beachfront villa is best described as a slow approach to life and an involvement with the surrounding nature. Everything from its location to its architecture, to the organic produce consumed by guests, invites a lifestyle more attune to the rhythm of nature; an attitude that seems to flow very easily in this sun-drenched property, where the turquoise waters entice guest for long, relaxing swims, and the hammocks and shaded terrace inspire lazy afternoons.
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Villa Aurora - Zakynthos

  • Greece, Greek Islands, Ionian Islands, Zakynthos
  • Guest up to 8

Natural materials and energy conservation are at the heart of this 4-bedroom villa in Zakynthos. Its contemporary architecture makes it really stand out amongst more traditional Greek properties; the villa was built by upcycling the stone extracted during the site excavation and re-using it for its walls. The native plants and trees that fill the garden have been carefully chosen as they require minimum water, an important aspect in such a dry area. Comfort has not been forgotten with the magnificent infinity pool and stunning sea views that guarantee long days of relaxation in the sun.
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Chalet Rock

  • Switzerland, Swiss Alps, Verbier
  • Guest up to 10

Nestled in a quiet corner of the glamorous ski resort of Verbier, the 5-bedroom Chalet Rock boasts contemporary design features including a solar-powered heating and ventilation system which contribute to the cosy atmosphere of the property. These eco-friendly facilities are complemented by a plethora of amenities such as a hot tub, games room, cinema room, and an integrated sound system. ): Guests can enjoy après ski drinks on the spacious terrace then indulge in sumptuous feasts cooked up by the private chef, accompanied by a selection of premium wines.
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