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You can feel it in the air: pink blooms against a blue sky, the bright yellow of crocuses in the park, the days getting longer… Spring is on the way! and at My Private Villas, we decided to celebrate it showcasing the villas with the most glorious gardens, the perfect places to follow the scent of flowers and get lost in the greenery.

Gardens of Eden

Villa La Foce

  • Italy, Tuscany, Siena Area
  • Guest up to 24

It is no wonder that the gardens of Villa la Foce are world- famous and are the destinations of thousands of visitors a year, wishing to explore the gracefully structured green paths and breathe the fragrance of the roses, lavender, lemon trees and the many other blooms that transform this beautiful space into a spring heaven. With eleven elegant bedrooms, splendid living areas full of antique furniture, books and paintings, a charming pool, and a quintessential Tuscan location - in the heart of the Montalcino wine district - Villa la Foce will be more than a holiday; it will be a true immersive experience in the high-end, serene Tuscan lifestyle.
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Chateau de Villette

  • France, Paris Area
  • Guest up to 27

“Grandeur” is really the key word for this wonderful French Chateau, located less then an hour from Paris. Chateau de Villette dates back from the 17th century and is a classic example of French opulence, not only in the luxurious indoor spaces – 13 palatial bedrooms, a stately library, an octagonal grand salon, a grand dining room and an imposing staircase decorated with ancient tapestries are only some of its wonderful features - but especially in its magnificent gardens. Known as “Le Petit Versailles”, as its glorious outdoor space shares the same architect as the famous residence of the French kings, a sojourn in this fantastic property will provide its guests with the unique experience of living like royalty!

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Villa Mayoas

  • Spain, Balearic Islands, Ibiza
  • Guest up to 24

“Unique” or “extraordinary” are two words which describe quite accurately the sculpture garden of Villa Mayoas in Ibiza. The landscape is filled with cacti, palm trees and more Mediterranean greenery, interspersed by art pieces that feel part of the scenery and help creating strong contrasts in colours and atmosphere. This eclectic 12-bedroom villa is a gem of the Ibizan coastline, sitting right on the beach with direct sea access and offering an exciting design inspired by different parts of the world. Nature has a big influence on the décor; however, the villa does not lack in contemporary amenities: a pool, a Jacuzzi, a gym, a cinema room and a hammam are amongst the features of this exceptional villa.
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Villa Indigo

  • Caribbean, Anguilla
  • Guest up to 20

With a mix of lush tropical vegetation and more formal gardens, the vivid green hues of Villa Indigo’s outside space are only interrupted by the sparkling turquoise of the pools, the intense pink of the bougainvillea and the glittering blue of the Caribbean Sea on the horizon. This luxurious property, sitting on the west coast of Anguilla, offers nine elegant suites, large welcoming terraces, a tennis court, a gym, and of course, a private beach. The indoor space is bright and inviting, with wonderful panoramic views and plenty of socialising areas. Anguilla is a wonderful destination for everyone, from sun-seekers to adventure lovers, and this villa would be perfect for everything, from a relaxing family holiday to a memorable, romantic wedding.
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