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Holidays: long days spent lounging on a beach, around a pool, or by a crackling fireplace. Finally time to read that book everybody’s talking about! And perhaps get some great ideas for the next getaway…

Here you find a selection of destinations inspired by literary works to help you feel like the hero of your own masterpiece.

Holiday Reads

Chalet Truffe Blanche

  • Switzerland, Swiss Alps, Verbier
  • Guest up to 18

Guests travelling with younger children may have a copy of the kids’ classic “Heidi” in their suitcase or on their Kindle®. To relive the idyllic atmosphere of the popular story, head to Chalet Truffe Blanche in Verbier, an elegant nine-bedroom property with every possible amenity to entertain guests of all ages: a gym, pool, hammam, beauty salon, home cinema, wine cellar, plus a private bar and nightclub. This extremely luxurious property even has its own library with fireplace, the ideal place to get cosy and catch up on those summer reads.
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Villa Nevaeh

  • Caribbean, Anguilla
  • Guest up to 18

Crime stories are always popular summer reads, and a classic like Murder in the Caribbean by Agatha Christie would not disappoint. Aside from the brilliant plot, part of the fascination of the book is the tropical setting – easily recreated in the stunning Villa Nevaeh in Anguilla. A large beachfront property with nine bedrooms, a private tennis and basketball courts, a yoga deck and water sports equipment available, it is indeed the perfect place to enjoy a fabulous holiday – and get engrossed in a book.
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Villa Douglas

  • Italy, Capri
  • Guest up to 11

The villa has taken its name from the Scottish writer Norman Douglas, who lived in the property and wrote South Wind inspired by the decadent atmosphere of expats that surrounded him in the first decades of the 20th Century. With six bedrooms, a pool, and surrounded by lush Mediterranean gardens, the villa is the ideal retreat from the glitz and glamour of the famous Piazzetta. The three terraces offer stunning views which might inspire guests to write their own masterpiece.
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Dimora Ghirlandaio

  • Italy, Tuscany, Florence Area
  • Guest up to 44

Set mostly in Tuscany, A Room with a View is an intensely romantic depiction of a city and a landscape that has been enchanting visitors for centuries. The sunflower fields, olive groves and wineries that are described in the book can also be found in the beautiful Dimora del Ghirlandaio, a large and elegant villa, dating back to the renaissance, with 20 bedroom and 30 acres of picturesque countryside, rolling hills and even a forest and a fishing lake. For your slice of Edwardian literature, head to the main courtyard and make the most of the breath-taking views of Florence’ celebrated Cathedral in the distance.
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