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The Oscars have just been awarded and, since we love a bit of glitz and glamour, we thought we would offer a selection of filming locations which who will make any guest feel like a movie star! From iconic TV series to romantic feature films, here you find a selection of locations and properties that will provide the best set for the movie of your holidays.

Live Like a film star!

Over Yonder Cay Private Island

  • Caribbean, Bahamas
  • Guest up to 28

From James Bond to Pirates of the Caribbean, the Bahamas have been the ideal set for blockbusters movies, but none will be as successful as a holiday in a private island! Over Yonder Cay, in the Exuma chain, has only 4 beautifully appointed villas spread over 72 acres and surrounded by crystal clear waters and soft white beaches. The services and amenities are simply spectacular: guests will be pampered by 30 members of staff and they will be able to spend their time between playing tennis, golf, exploring the island’s pathways or enjoying every water sport imaginable.
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  • Greece, Greek Islands, Cyclades Islands, Santorini
  • Guest up to 10

The beautiful Greek islands are the set of the one of the most successful movies and musicals of the last few years, Mamma Mia! The crumbling, albeit charming, hotel where the film is set is not however the ideal location for a luxury holiday- Erosantorini, on the contrary, is an exclusive, sophisticated building with one of the largest infinity pools of the island and spectacular 180- degrees views over the Aegean Sea. Its five bedrooms, as well as all the areas, both inside and outside, are exquisitely decorated in a contemporary style that mirrors the colours of the nature surrounding the property.
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Makanyi Lodge

  • Africa, South Africa, Safari Areas
  • Guest up to 16

To recreate the wild and romantic atmosphere of “Out of Africa”, guests can head to the beautiful Makanyi Lodge. Combining the luxury and extreme comfort of the seven suites with incredible wildlife experiences like game drives, specialist photographic safaris and star gazing, this stunning property in the Kruger National Park will not only satisfy film lovers but also allow guests to collect unforgettable memories like a candlelit dinner with the roaring of lions in the distance. The property has had the recent addition of a two-bedroom villa, the perfect setting for the most idyllic of honeymoons.
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Villa Orsula

  • Croatia, Dubrovnik area
  • Guest up to 26

Not only feature films: TV series have lately become so popular to generate an entire culture evolving around their plots - and none more so then the iconic Game of Thrones. Some of the scenes were shot in the beautiful Croatian landscape, which guests can experience first-hand by staying at the beautiful Villa Orsula. This oasis of luxury, with 13 bedrooms, a renowned restaurant and direct access to the sea provides a glamorous hideaway, with breath-taking views over the Adriatic Sea and Dubrovnik’s old town which are fantastically reminiscing of the legendary TV series screen set.
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Apartment Palazzetto Salute Grand Canal

  • Italy, Venice
  • Guest up to 6

Venice has been a popular setting for fiction since Shakespearean times, but more recently its beauty and uniqueness have been immortalised in dramatic masterpieces like Visconti’s “Death in Venice” or in fast-paced action films like the James Bond’s saga. To enjoy this truly special atmosphere, we offer you the fantastic apartment Palazzetto Salute Gran Canal, with three bedrooms, a fabulous collection of contemporary art and designer furniture pieces. But the greatest feature of this exclusive property are the amazing, unparalleled views over the Grand Canal, the Salute Church and the Guggenheim Museum.
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Villa Contenta

  • United States, Los Angeles
  • Guest up to 18

It could be the perfect retreat for a film director, or you can just imagine Julia Roberts stepping out of it in a sequel of the iconic “Pretty woman”: either way, the stunning villa Contenta, nestled above the Malibu hills and with wonderful ocean views, it’s really the place where to enjoy the film star life. A screening room is obviously a feature, but definitely not the only one: with a library, a billiard room, a pool pavilion with a weather-proof indoor pool, a tennis court, not to mention nine luxurious bedrooms and the elegant dining and living areas, villa Contenta offers its guests the highest end of the Hollywood way of life.
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