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Travelling is not only an experience of the body, but also of the mind. We travel to relax, but also to visit unique, unforgettable places, to create memories and experiences to cherish over time. Certain places have something so special about them that they are internationally recognised for their educational, scientific or cultural significance – here is our list of beautiful villas near UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Places of the heart

Villa L'Olmo

  • Italy, Tuscany, Siena Area
  • Guest up to 15

The rolling hills of Val D’Orcia have long been a much-loved destination of visitors from all over the world, and UNESCO is recognising this by including this wonderful landscape – subject of many renaissance painting and romantic novels – in its World Heritage list. Boasting a prime location in the valley, Villa L’Olmo, dating back to the 17th Century, offers seven charming bedrooms, an inviting pool, a picturesque pergola for outdoor meals, and views so perfect they seem to be coming straight from the Uffizi Gallery.
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Chateau du Coudreceau

  • France, Loire Valley
  • Guest up to 16

The whimsical vision of elegant turrets, deep moats, manicured gardens and expansive vineyards has gained the Loire Valley its well-deserved spot on the UNESCO World Heritage list. Sitting on a 200-acre estate just north of Orleans, Chateau de Coudreceau is a perfect example of French grandeur, offering an exclusive experience of privacy and luxury in one of the most desirable locations in the world. With seven sumptuous bedrooms, a heated swimming pool, gym, bar, art studio, wine cellar, and its own private golf course, it is the place to go to enjoy the perfect marriage of nature and art.
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Villa Domina

  • Greece, Greek Islands, Ionian Islands, Corfu
  • Guest up to 10

It is the fascinating Old Town of Corfu, with its mixture of Byzantine and Venetian architecture, not to mention British and French influence, which has propelled the Greek island onto the prestigious UNESCO World Heritage list. Only about thirty minutes’ drive away is the elegant Villa Domina, boasting two gorgeous private beaches of emerald-green waters, fantastic sea views and shady Mediterranean scrub. With five comfortable bedrooms and large outdoor spaces, this secluded property offers guests a truly luxurious stay on the beautiful Ionic island.
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Villa Infinity - Ibiza

  • Spain, Balearic Islands, Ibiza
  • Guest up to 12

Ibiza could be considered a surprising choice for the UNESCO World Heritage list. However, this glamorous Balearic island gained its place due to the outstanding beauty and unicity of its coastal and marine ecosystems as well as its ancient Phoenician settlements. On the opposite scale, the contemporary Vila Infinity in Ibiza is the epitome of what today’s Ibiza is all about: six bedrooms, an infinity pool, a private boat dock, and an enviable waterfront location: the perfect place from which to explore and enjoy the many intriguing faces of Ibiza.
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Singita Serengeti House

  • Africa, Tanzania
  • Guest up to 8

The infinite variety of wild animals and the spectacular natural landscape are a precious resource for all humanity and therefore have a proud place on the UNESCO World Heritage list. To enjoy this unique ecosystem in the most luxurious way possible, Singita Serengeti House, just outside of the Serengeti National Park, offers four bedrooms, a large pool, a tennis court, and a full staff. But the true value of this property is certainly the location and the experiences that come with it, from game drives to walking safaris and anti-poaching observation post visits – a true immersion in nature and conservation.
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