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Prepare the champagne: the New Year is almost here and we want to celebrate with you with a list of the most amazing properties to ring in the New Year.

Top 10 villas for a special New Year's Eve

Villa Elda

  • Italy, Rome Area
  • Guest up to 8

A luxurious Italian retreat with a private lake shore line and manicured gardens, Villa Elda is a unique and wonderful place to spend a glamorous New Year’s Eve in the beautiful countryside right outside the Eternal City.
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Chalet No 14

  • Switzerland, Swiss Alps, Verbier
  • Guest up to 26

Modern and high tech, this stunning chalet is stylish and contemporary, perfect for those who want to experience a modern and glitzy New Year’s in one of the Alps’ most exclusive locations.
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Villa Oceania

  • Caribbean, Dominican Republic
  • Guest up to 14

Views over the Caribbean Sea, a large infinity pool and an open plan living area make Villa Oceania the ideal spot to spend New Year’s Eve with a large group of friends basking in the sunlight.
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Apartment Residenza F

  • Italy, Venice
  • Guest up to 4

Venice is classic, once-in-a-lifetime New Year’s Eve destination and Residenza F is a quintessentially Venetian retreat, with stunning views of the city and everything a guest could desire to spend the holidays in style.
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Villa Palm Beach

  • Caribbean, St Barths
  • Guest up to 10

Immersed in lush tropical gardens, this beautiful villa has a large outdoors area ideal to ring in the New Year while taking in the views of the amazing Lorient Bay in St. Barth.
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Villa La Verriere

  • France, Provence
  • Guest up to 14

For the ultimate New Year’s Eve retreat, this amazing villa is hidden away in the beautiful Provencal countryside and offers high standards of luxury and every comfort to its guests.
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Villa Sangkachai

  • Thailand, Koh Samui
  • Guest up to 8

This beautiful contemporary villa offers stunning views and a quiet, laid back feel, perfect for those who want to enjoy a New Year’s Eve that is both luxurious and relaxed.

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Lothian Estate

  • Africa, South Africa, Cape Town
  • Guest up to 16

Close to Cape Town, this luxury property is immersed in manicured gardens and orchards, and has a welcoming, refined atmosphere perfect to celebrate the New Year.
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