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The culturally rich and geographically diverse gateway to Africa

Luxury Villas in Morocco

From the bustling market places of Marrakesh to the cultural hub of Fez and the cosmopolitan city of Casablanca, there is plenty to explore and experience in the North African country of Morocco.

Morocco is a geographically diverse country with stunning mountain ranges, lush valleys, sweeping deserts, and extensive coastlines.

The High Atlas mountain range runs diagonally across Morocco for almost 1000km.  From September through May, the mountains are snow-capped, whilst year-round the rivers flowing towards Marrakesh create a maze of fertile valleys.

The Draa Valley is one of the best-known with its palm tree-lined river forming oases just a short distance from the Sahara desert.

Morocco has two coastlines – one along the Mediterranean and one along the Atlantic – both stretching around 500km. Dotted along both coastlines are multiple cities, resorts and beaches.

  • Colourful markets of Marrakesh
  • Rolling sand dunes of the Sahara Desert
  • Peaks and valleys of the High Atlas mountain range
  • Stunning Atlantic and Mediterranean coastlines
  • Explore the colourful markets of Marrakesh
  • Relax in a traditional hammam
  • Take a guided hike through The High Atlas
  • Learn to cook traditional Moroccan food in a riad
  • Try your hand at surfing at Essaouira Beach
3 Properties Found
Villa Dar El Sadaka

Villa Dar El Sadaka

  • Africa, Morocco
  • Guest up to 17
  • From 23,800 EUR
Villa Taj Omayma

Villa Taj Omayma

  • Africa, Morocco
  • Guest up to 52
  • From 17,500 EUR
Villa Anahita

Villa Anahita

  • Africa, Morocco
  • Guest up to 12
  • From 4,620 EUR