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A Tropical Heaven on Earth

Bora Bora

Bora Bora is certainly the most beautiful island of the archipelago of Tahiti in the South Pacific Ocean. It is a destination perfect for honeymoons and romantic breaks.

Polynesian are very welcoming, warm and generous. Visitors fall in love with locals’ smile and the peaceful way of life, the motto of the islands be ‘aita pea pea’, meaning ‘not to worry’.

Visitors keep their eyes wide opened everywhere they go in French Polynesia. 


  • The marvelous blend between the blue ocean, the white beaches, the wildlife and the sky
  • The views from the sky are just incredible
  • Diving, snorkelling and water sports
  • Many different lagoon excursions: fishing, paddle boarding, jet skiing, kitesurfing and for the most adventurous ray and shark feeding
  • Touring the island by helicopter, parasailing, skydiving
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Villa Bora Bora One

Villa Bora Bora One

  • Asia Pacific, Bora Bora
  • Guest up to 10
  • From 105,000 EUR