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Luxury Villas in Paros

Explore one of the jewels of the Cyclades region by picking luxury villas in Paros, where Venetian castles loom above white-gleaming bays.

Luxury Villas in Paros

Paros is a colour swatch of sunlit landscapes, teal-blue waters, and brilliant Grecian marble. Renowned for its delicate Parian stone and the magnetic charm of its traditional villages, the isle marks the heart of the Cyclades Islands chain and the very middle of the Aegean Sea, turning it into quite the transport hub.

But stay, linger, rest a little in your villa’s private pool, and the island of Paros will reward you with something special: A fusion of ancient wonders, modern indulgences, and some of the finest beaches in Greece.

The island’s capital and main port town is Parikia, which sits on the west coast. Dotted amongst traditional cube-shaped houses and marble-paved streets are neoclassical and mediaeval building ruins. Perched atop a hill is the 13th-century Venetian Castle, which houses a Byzantine church and an archaeological museum. For a glimpse into ancient Greek life, explore the ruins of the Temple of Apollo, dating back to the 7th century BC.

On the north coast, the village of Naousa is a chic maritime retreat. It’s all whitewashed buildings draped in bougainvillaea and maze-like streets opening onto a bijou marina. There’s tradition – head to watch the fishing folk bringing in the catch each morning – perfectly blended with sophistication – explore its artisan boutiques, chic art galleries, and gourmet seafood restaurants.

When it comes to beaches, there are runs of the north shore where Greece does its best impression of the Seychelles. Take Kolymbithres Beach, a halo of sand speckled with granite rocks, each sculpted by time and elements to form intriguing shapes. Between the monoliths, are secret snorkelling pools and hidden sunbathing platforms. Down the east coast is Monastiri Beach, with its cathedral-like bluff of rust-red rock, whilst the west is home to picture-perfect Marchello Beach, sprouting solitary olive trees from its white sand.

You don’t want to miss what lurks inland between the rugged ridges and valleys. The villages there are a picture of traditional Greece back through the ages. Lefkes, with its marble streets and medieval architecture, is a tribute to the island’s Venetian past. Walk through the winding alleys, savour traditional Greek coffee in quaint tavernas, and marvel at the panoramic views of the island from the village’s elevated vantage point.

Paros luxury villa rentals artfully balance tradition and modernity. Behind white-glazed walls, they offer art-filled lounges. On the grounds, glimmering private pools are wedged onto coastal bluffs and sun-drenched terraces are scented by wild highland thyme and oleander. The perfect Greek Island escape!

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  • The incredible rock formations of Kolymbithres Beach
  • Parikia Port, with its traditional architecture & beautiful churches
  • The enchanting highland village of Lefkes


  • Enjoy the refined shopping and dining scene of Naousa
  • Soak up the sun on Monastiri Beach
  • Try windsurfing on Golden Beach, east of Parikia
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Villa Iris - Paros

Paros, Cyclades Islands, Greece, Europe

Bedrooms: 6, Guests: 12
From 12,500 to 30,000 EUR per week


Villa Delion

Paros, Cyclades Islands, Greece, Europe

Bedrooms: 6, Guests: 12
From 10,500 to 19,600 EUR per week

Bedroom 4


Villa Orian

Paros, Cyclades Islands, Greece, Europe

Bedrooms: 5, Guests: 10
From 9,800 to 12,250 EUR per week


Villa Haroula

Paros, Cyclades Islands, Greece, Europe

Bedrooms: 6, Guests: 12
From 14,500 EUR per week, to price on request


Villa Nefeli

Paros, Cyclades Islands, Greece, Europe

Bedrooms: 5, Guests: 11
From 12,830 EUR per week, to price on request

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